A New Approach To Weight Loss

We understand that Obesity can have a significant impact on your life at both a physical and psychological level. Addressing obesity often involves a multidimensional approach, including lifestyle changes, dietary modifications, increased physical activity, and, in some cases, medical intervention. 

Medical Care



Only available at the Clybaun Clinic our exclusive programme includes

Free complimentary health checks

We provide these at your initial consultation and every month there after. You will see our medical weight loss expert who will discuss your goals, carry out your health check, plan your bespoke weight loss journey and who will be there to chat to though out your amazing transformation. Includes a heart and diabetes check along with a full body biometric scan revealing 13 key aspects such as how much fat is around your organs.

Free complementary online support

Gain access to our online platform where you can find help, support, tips & recipes. Chat to others in the Clybaun Weight Loss Community.

Free Gym & Gym Class offers

Get exclusive offers from some of the best Gym`s and Classes the city has to offer. You`ll also have access to our own personal trainer and other personal trainers for various exercise types in the group. 

Make Friends for life

Meet people on the same journey as you with our exercise meet ups and foodie days out. Support each other, transform together and build friendships that last!

Not Suitable For


Kidney Problems

Gallbladder Issues

Using the number one brand in the world, Allergan Botox

A name you can trust...

Our medical weight loss practitioners have completed intense training provided by The National Weight Loss Programme. The programme is taught by a Dr Matt Capehorn who has run the largest Obesity Clinic in the United Kingdom for over 12 years. He has also been involved in a very large number of studies on obesity and sits as an advisor on multiple obesity council boards. Having the input of Dr Capehorn provides our clients with an unparalleled support and knowledge base during their weight loss journey. Furthermore, the programme is based on hundreds of years of research and hard facts, endorsed by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence and supported by the Royal College of Nursing, so that we can answer any questions you might have and back them up with the science behind them.

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