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Hair restoration Programme

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Only available in our NI clinics

We are the only clinic offering this revolutionary approach to Hair Restoration. Once you have booked in at the above link we invite you to join us in our clinic where a medical professional will assess your Hair needs, discuss your desired outcomes and individually tailor a treatment plan that’s just for you. 

Our experts combine the latest cutting edge Hair Peptides with Prescription Medication to bring your follicles back to life and give you that luscious head of hair you deserve. We also add in a hair regrowth serum, vitamins (tablets or monthly injectable form available for your connivence) and one of the best hair regrowth shampoo and conditioner sets in the world (it also smells absolutely divine). Each of these products are clinically proven to reverse hair thinning and baldness in their own right but combined they provide the ultimate power house of everything you need to restore what once was. 

If you have any questions please call our clinic or book in for a free Clarity Call with our nurse before arranging your appointment so you can book with confidence. For more information please click the Hair Restoration Treatment Information link below.

Finance options coming soon. Please see our packages pages to see if you could save money by combining treatments


We understand that hair loss can have a dramatic and life changing impact on a persons mental health, confidence and drive in life. We scrutinise, research and pick each of our treatments according to those that will create the biggest impact in a persons life. Being able to restore someone’s confidence in themselves is why we do what we love. We are so proud to be able to treat not only Male and Female Pattern Baldness but also Alopecia, Cancer Survivors and many other forms of hair loss.
 Our products are at the cutting edge forefront of Hair Restoration. However, our unique programme combines the new with the old and relies on decades of research delving into the science to bring you what actually works. All of our products are made in specialist laboratories, are rigorously tested , have each provided their own stand alone phenomenal results in hair restoration which means their combined effect in our programme is something that has never been seen before.
We are so very excited to share this journey with you