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Tear Troughs


*Prices in ROI are euro prices

Using the only licensed dermal filler for this area, Teosyal Redensity Two, this treatment focuses on the lines and hollows beneath the eyes. The eyes are our most captivating facial feature and treating these to a fresh new look can remove unwanted appearances such as tiredness, sadness, dark circles and signs of ageing. Teosyal works so well in his area due to its light reflective properties which eliminates all of the above.

We currently have two very successful treatments for tear troughs, dermal fillers and skin boosting. Dermal fillers are recommend for deeper lines and our skin boosters for superficial hollows and skin darkening.

Once you have clicked book now and chosen a date that suits you we invite you to join us in our clinic where a medical professional will assess your face and discuss your desired outcomes before individually tailoring a treatment plan that’s just for you. 

We use the most prestigious dermal fillers treatment in the world. Having held the top spots for decades you can rely on their safety and extended results.

If you have any questions please call our clinic or book in for a free Clarity Call with our nurse before arranging your appointment so you can book with confidence.


Finance options coming soon. Please see our packages pages to see if you could save money by combining treatments